Run DMC!

Run DMC is the committee! It's like that, and that's the way it is!

But that doesn't mean you can't get involved. In fact, DMC actively encourages all members to contribute to the organisation and development of the club.

Run DMC consists of 7 officers elected at the AGM (President, Vice-President,
Treasurer, Meets Secretary, General Secretary, Membership Secretary, Social Secretary) and multiple appointed members as laid out in the constitution.

Any member of the club may stand for election at the AGM held every March. But why wait until then? We are simply the best outdoor sports club anywhere, and with your help and ideas we can be even better! get in touch now 

Dundee Mountain Club is very grateful to all past RUN DMC members for their contributions to the club.

Current Run DMC members (2018-2019)

Dominic Williams
Dominic Williams


A keen kayaking, climber and hill walker Dominic subscribes to the motto “There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad choice of sport”


Ilze Leitiete

Vice President

Love the beauty of Scottish mountains, adventures & exploring new places. I never knew that Brocken Spectre existed... until one day there it was – this beautiful phenomenon! 

Mainly hiking, occasional cycling, getting into running.

Allan McCulloch


Love pretty much everything involving mountains from hillwalking to falling through glaciers! Bit of an adrenaline junkie and likes mixing it up with climbing, skiing and biking. If it ends with a good pint, even happier!
  Amy Gilligan

Meets Secretary

Running Rep

Growing up the Pennines I’ve always enjoyed having adventures outdoors. I’ve been climbing munros for the last 19 years and I’m hoping to compleat them all before I’m 30. Along the way I’ve also taken up trekking, climbing, kayaking (sort of) and most recently fell running - which may have to be combined with munro bagging as the deadline draws near!
Andrew Holmes

Andrew Holmes

General Secretary

I just love being out in the mountains. Coming back in the dark just means you've made the most of the day, right?

  Iain Gilbert

Membership Secretary

An all round mountaineer who has enjoyed the challenges offered by the Scottish hills since childhood, and delighted to share the enthusiasm with others!

Katrina Patrick

Social Secretary

I'm happiest when I'm away from the well-trodden footpaths - scrambling, wandering and generally stravaiging about Munros. Despite this, I still haven't worked out how to put gaiters on the right way round.


  Bill Chrystal

Newsletter Editor

Rumours that I don't own walking boots are greatly exaggerated!

Jon Bowyer

Skiing rep

I find the mountains are at their most beautiful in winter, and exploring them on skis is my main passion. But summer hillwalking, scrambling & Munro bagging are also great fun - apart from those pesky midges that is! :)
Andrew Brooks

Hillwalking & Mountaineering rep

- I like exploring dark cracks, holes and gashes - with head torch and willies donned!  (by Paul Higginson)
- Cave dad from 3 christmases ago (by Niall Wallace)

Simon Li

Climbing rep

Publicity Manager

I'm into climbing, cycling, cake baking, and other things beginning with C. Also hiking and slacklining, and in a former life bike polo-ing till I got tired of breaking myself and my bike.

Suzanne Black

Senior Website Editor

A self confessed ski bum having spent the last few winters over in Chamonix. Happiest in the mountains whether skiing, hiking or climbing. Can also be found out kayaking or biking too……