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Google Group Help and Tips

DMC has a "Google Group" which is used for arranging club activities such as meets, social events and so on.

Google Groups acts as both an email list and a web forum, so you can use it either by sending and receiving emails, or by interacting though an forum / discussion board style webpage.

How to use the group by email
  • To join, just enter your email address here and follow the instructions.
  • You'll then receive by email messages posted to the group.
  • To post messages to the group yourself, email

How to use the group on the web

You can also use visit the group on the web to read and post messages.
(You can use the above link to join too.)

If you've already joined by email, you can still access the group on the web, but need to set up a password (unless you've already created a google password for the email address you used).

To do this, just create a google account using the same email address which you used to join the group.
Once you've done this and have a password you can visit the group on the web at the above link and log in.

Getting too many emails?
How to reduce them or unsubscribe:

There aren't huge volumes of messages being posted on the group, but sometimes when an event is being arranged or something else is being discussed there can be a brief flurry of messages.

If you're finding club emails are cluttering your inbox, there are a few different ways to deal with this.

1. Enable "conversation" view in your mailbox

Several email systems provide a "conversation" view, where a sequence of replies to the same message appears as a single item in your inbox rather than as lots of separate messages.

Gmail provides this by default and it can be enabled in Hotmail too, for example.

If you use desktop email software, this may also have this feature (Mac Mail does it by default).

2. Automatically filter club emails into a separate folder

Almost every email system provides a way to set up a filter in your mailbox to automatically move them to a separate folder as they arrive.

If you're not sure how to do this with your email system a quick web search should get you the answer.

3. Reduce the number of club emails coming in

If you want you can change your email subscription options so that you receive summary emails periodically instead of getting every individual message at the time it was sent.
  • To do this, visit the group's webpage, click "My Membership" and choose from the options.
  • If you're asked to log in and don't have a password see "how to use the group on the web" above.
Note that by opting not to receive every email as it was sent, you might only find out about upcoming activities/events after they happened though! You may want to periodically check the group webpage for updates to avoid missing out on anything that's been discussed since your last summary email came in.

4. Turn off emails and use the group on the web

A more drastic option is to turn off emails completely and use the group only via the web.

See "How to use the group on the web" above.

Once you're on the group's webpage, click "My Membership" and choose the "No email" option to turn off your email subscription. You'll then need to periodically check the group webpage to keep informed about club activities!

5. Unsubscribe completely

To unsubscribe completely send an email to
  • Remember if you do this you'll miss out on most club activities, since they're all arranged via the group!!
Note you can Like our Facebook Page to see occasional updates from the club on your Facebook News Feed (but most club activities are arranged via the google group)