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posted 21 Mar 2018, 05:09 by Simon Li   [ updated 21 Mar 2018, 06:55 by Dominic Williams ]

DMC Roybridge meet March 2018
16-18 March 2018 

Real beds and duvets
In a hostel with sauna
- respite from the cold.

The wind fair howling,
Still, the mountains were conquered
- rewards for the bold.

Filled with Pete's fine meal,
Bruce's dessert and whisky
- we then to bed rolled.

With DMC laughs,
Mountain air and friendly banter
- we'll never grow old.

(Except for Andy who's ancient)

- author: Katrina
- DMCers on the meet: Bruce C, Andrew H, Fiona, Katrina, Ilze, Pete, Andy, Berenice, Andrew B, Ed, Dom, Konrad, Greg

More photos can be seen here

AGM and Annual Gathering

posted 12 Mar 2018, 09:37 by Simon Li   [ updated 21 Mar 2018, 06:55 by Dominic Williams ]

Friday 9 March 2018 

DMC members
Another year has flown by, and the committee couldn't quite believe it when the time came to arrange another Annual Gathering.

We elected The Steeple in Dundee's city centre as our venue - bright, spacious, and, most importantly, a mere minute's walk from our local pub.

On the night, we spent time looking back at the year's meets thanks to a inspiring and hilarious slideshow from Bill, and gained a better understanding of what our membership fees fund from Allan.

We elected a new committee, went through the constitution, and once the important bits were over, settled down to home-cooked meal and the odd tipple.

The DMC Awards, Photography Competition and Summit-To-Sea video were well-received, and we left with new-found inspiration for adventures ahead.

  • Best Chef: Paulina and Ilze
  • Most Active: Andrew H
  • Worst Nav: Katrina (yeah, thanks guys)
  • Ditch The Car: Dave
Photography Competition winner: Jim (again!)

The new Run-DMC Committee for 2018/2019 is as follows:
  • Pete Mann - President
  • Dominic Williams - Vice President
  • Allan McCulloch - Treasurer
  • Amy Gilligan - Meets Secretary
  • Andrew Holmes - General Secretary
  • Paulina Plociniczak - Membership Secretary
  • Katrina Patrick - Social Secretary
Many thanks to Outgoing President, Berenice Hunter, who has been an incredible leader these past two years.

- Katrina

Winter walks, Winter climbs

posted 26 Feb 2018, 02:32 by Simon Li   [ updated 26 Feb 2018, 14:01 by Dominic Williams ]

Saturday 24 February 2018 

Coire Kander
Coire Kander Winter climbing 

Armed with limited info and aided by a skilfully drawn Topo based on sketchy UKC descriptions (thanks Dave), we headed off for a lesser known quarter of the southern 'gorms. We didn't however reckon on the forecast 20-40mph winds translating into 60mph+ trying to launch us off the lip of the Coire down Glen Callater, but eventually managed to descend into calmer but still gusty conditions with unrelenting wind chill. Not a venue for warmer conditions anyway we thought as we traversed over piles of re-frozen avalanche debris. Kander Surprise offered some respite and and pleasant climbing without being too serious or committing, a nice way to get back into it, my first proper winter route for about 10 years! It all came flooding back. Rediscovering how to walk 14km in Scarpa Vega's, how heavy a 'light' winter climbing sack is, the "good lead, that was steeper than it looked from below!", and the benefit of sharp ice screws....!

- Iain, Dave

Beinn nan Imirean and Meall Glas
Beinn nan Imirean and Meall Glas

What is a Corbett? I still don't know, but having climbed Ben More more times than I remember I opted for a Corbett instead on the opposite side of the road. The frozen ground made a potential bog-fest very pleasant and before we knew it we were on he summit. Pretty easy these Corbett things. My fingers fell off in the cold during lunch, I hope I didn't swallow too many of them. The ground cover was mostly snow but very rough, incredibly easy to walk on without crampons but useless for bum-sliding. We set off for the neighbouring Munro and right in the middle of the steepest section of snow I found a lone, lost crampon. Scouring the land below I didn't spot a fallen climber so I'm still puzzled. If anyone else has one crampon we could make a pair! Still, it worked great in my hand for extra grip. The panoramic views from the summit were astounding. We only saw three people all day, surprising given the perfect conditions.

- Andrew, Allan

Muir cottage

posted 21 Feb 2018, 01:49 by Simon Li   [ updated 25 Feb 2018, 13:34 by DMC Webmaster ]

Three DMC members on a hill
16 - 18 February 2018 

Group of 4 (Sylwia Marcin Maddy Johnny) made to top of Carn a ' Mhiam on Saturday, weather good with bit of wind and mist on the top. Johnny was great leading the party very well. On Sunday we went to top of An Socach from baddoch farm. Day similar with the weather. We had great time. Marcins first meet went well and he enjoyed very much. He said he can do the dishes!!!

- Report by Sylwia Stepien
- ‎Also on the meet: Andy, Simon, Villo, Maddy, Toni, Pauluna, Natalia, Ilze, George, Karolina, Andrew, Pete, Johnny

On Saturday skiers Toni (nordic freeheel skis), with Villo and Simon (alpine touring) did Carn Aosda from the Baddoch burn.  After following the mainly snow-covered track for a few km we crossed the stream and ascended the shoulder above loch Vrotachan to the west summit from where we had a 500m descent on improving snow.

On Sunday the weather was cloudier but colder and the north face of Sron na Gaoithe had good snow cover.  Skinning/fishscaling straight from the car, we had an enjoyable run back despite some flat light.

- Report by Simon O.

Dalmally Horseshoe / Ben Cruachan

posted 10 Feb 2018, 03:57 by Simon Li

Stob Diamh summit ridge
4 February 2018

Cracking day, almost completely still on the summit of Stob Diamh, with Loch Etive and Loch Awe glassy calm. The snow level may be a little higher than Drumochter or on the Ben but it was still crampons on from 650m or so with just enough soft slab on top of hard neve to make it quite interesting in places. This was really a long way round to confirm a Corbett ascent - Beinn a Bhuiridh, which i may or may not have done about 35 years ago, long before i had any thoughts of ticking that particular list...

- Iain

Ledge Route, Ben Nevis

posted 6 Feb 2018, 05:22 by Simon Li

Ben Nevis Ledge Route in Winter
4 February 2018

Ledge Route (Scottish Winter II, solo onsight)

An unusual sunny and frosty Sunday on the West Coast of Scotland with an overflowing North Face car park and queues on many of the the climbing routes on Ben Nevis. The picture shows Ledge Route in sunshine and amazing conditions, living up to its 4 star rating.

- Daniela

Blue Moon Treasure Hunt

posted 2 Feb 2018, 04:50 by Simon Li   [ updated 2 Feb 2018, 06:24 ]

31 January 2018 

DMC Treasure Hunt
The last team to start, we set a blistering pace across the hillside, only to lose a team member who disappeared in a bog. We then discovered what every rock climber already knows, it's always possible to make your surroundings match the description. Running down and up the wrong forest looking for a birch tree wasted precious hours. Heading for the other forest we finally found our first treasure. The next involved a sequence of bearings which we followed spot-on although I have to say the gate was very well hidden in the dark and neck-high gorse. More treasure! The next clue took us to a grid reference and said the treasure is on a mound. But there was no mound (the grid ref was wrong!). So we picked a mound (Black Hill) and headed up it. Good choice, our final clue! But not before literally climbing up vertical waist-high snow-covered heather. A well deserved treat at the top then we ran all the way to the final point on Dunsinane Hill to meet Dom and Amy. Standing on top watching the headlights of all the other teams was magical.

- Report by Andrew

Darkness rendezvous, teams, torches phones map, directions, snow, bog, wall crossings, single trees, lone gates, pacing, bearings, gorse, climb the mound, plastic tubs, stream crossings, summit celebrations, chocolate dinner, late finish, FUN.

- View from Paul

First out of the blocks we set a brisk pace, following the track in the forest to a junction and then took the left instructed, after a while we started to doubt ourselves as we came across a loch and 2 other teams clues; resisting the urge to scoff their chocolates we carried on the trak until we found a gate as expected, except it wasn't "the" gate. we decided that as nothing fitted we'd track down dom or amy and query the clue, however Amy had started to track us down as we hadn't reappeared at the start point quickly as out first clue was about 500m for the start on the right hand fork of the first junction, of course there were sweets with out next clue and that solves everything. :-)

Next we set off over the road and into the hills taking us into the pass between Dunsinane and Black hills before hopping to the left the wall Jim appeared telling us of another error in that clue, as he and Natalia had it as their First, ignoring Jim we hopped over the wall before eventually seeing the forest we expected to find over to our right, after a bit of a bog trot we were back on the path beside the wall and walking down the outside edge of the forest as instructed, on re-reading I realized this error as it told us to meet the other leg of the forest where we eventually found the stile and the next sweers and clue.

Onto more technical clues rather than descriptive and we sat on the stile and worked out the route from a set of bearings and distances, a lone tree appeared with a biscuit tin in it and more sweets :-)

Now we had a grid reference, my first attempt at getting it on the map was off, either because the print out was off scale or because I accidentally read the 1:50k scale on my compass, or possibly both, who knows. I repeated it on my paper map and found the point just off the summit of Black hill, some lights were ascending straight ahead so with a bearing set on my compass and on daniella's gps we set off on a yomp straight up the hill, as we started climbing the hill for real it proved a bit steeper than anticipated but we ziggzagged and heather hopped up to the top, where the bearing pointed straight down the cliffs... Must be somewhere on this ridge path, I took a stab that the best bet was a slight error on reporting the summit of the hill and there under a rock was our final pack of sweets.... except it was oat cakes!!!

Tired and just past the bail out time we decided not to bother with Dunsinane as we were told to go up (had it been a clue maybe we would have!) and went back to the car to scoff the sweets that had miraculously survived in my possession.

A cracking challenge and I'm looking forward to the next installment! well done to Dom and Amy for arranging and producing extra clue sets in a hurry as entries were more than anticipated.

- Team 6 - Niall and Daniela

Raeburn Hut Meet

posted 31 Jan 2018, 14:02 by Simon Li   [ updated 31 Jan 2018, 15:29 by Dominic Williams ]

26-28 January 2018  
Creag Dubh and Loch Caoldair

Friday morning was blue skies with a pink glow on the snowy hills in the morning light. Multiple photo stops made for a late start at the top of Glen Roy where I had my eye on the 2 Carn Deargs to the north of the road end. I went for the remoter of them first and the snow was hard going above 600m. I didn't summit until 15.30 slowed by the now white-out conditions. The 2nd hill was out the question so I retraced my steps in the fading light.

The forecast for Saturday was strong winds with a 4-5 hour "dry" window. Group trips were taken to Meall Cunaich, Geal Charn and Meall a Bhuachaille with Allan and myself doing solo trips on The Fara and Meall nan Eagan. The rivers where racing with snow melt and sadly I didn't have my pop up canoe for the return leg!

On the Saturday night we enjoyed a Burns Supper with Katrina addressing the haggis in great style! Amy made a lovely version of Cranachan. The weather on Sunday proved the better with many folk out for a run or low level walk.

- Report by Greg

A weekend in the snow

posted 22 Jan 2018, 02:33 by Simon Li   [ updated 22 Jan 2018, 12:50 by Jon Bowyer ]

DMC snow run in the Sidlaws
Sun 21 January 2018 - Sidlaws run 

With the threat of more weather coming in Sunday morning seemed like a good opportunity to go for a local hillrun. Amy and Paul set off to jog over the three Sidlaws by Balkello. Not feeling quite so fit I decided just to join them for the first two. Great morning out.

- David Matthews
- Other runners: Amy, Paul

Sat 20 January 2018

Ben Ghlas Ski Tour

With huge dumps of snow across much of Scotland down to low levels and a good forecast on a Saturday no less, a ski tour was mandatory. Jon and Paul headed up Ben Ghlas, enjoying some spectacular scenery and great conditions. See photo album

Nevis Range

Meanwhile Dave and Jim were out at Nevis Range making the most of the conditions there...

Loch Ordie snow MTB 

Hello DMC,

This is a postcard from Loch Ordie, just in case you thought that was a muddy and grey place, with easy tracks. It isn’t (well at least today it definitely wasn’t). 

Love, Canyon (Daniela's bike)

Hogmany meet 2018

posted 10 Jan 2018, 14:03 by Dominic Williams   [ updated 10 Jan 2018, 14:03 ]

1st January 2018 

"Do you know I can scarcely look over this little cliff without getting giddy ?"

The "little cliff," upon whose edge he had so carelessly thrown himself down to rest that the weightier portion of his body hung over it, while he was only kept from falling by the tenure of his elbow on its extreme and slippery edge -- this "little cliff" arose, a sheer unobstructed precipice of black shining rock, some fifteen or sixteen hundred feet from the world of crags beneath us. Nothing would have tempted me to within half a dozen yards of its brink. In truth so deeply was I excited by the perilous position of my companion, that I fell at full length upon the ground, clung to the shrubs around me, and dared not even glance upward at the sky" - Edgar Allen Poe

The above passage from "A descent Into The Maelstrom" was brought to mind during a Ne'er's day hike by myself and Simon to the Falls of Glomach.

On reaching the top of the falls I didn't dare look as Simon, much keener on his feet than I, stood on the edge of the precipice taking photographs.

Impressive falls, would be good to see them from lower down.

Report by Niall

Editors note:  Various other activities occurred on the meet but I wasn't there and no more reports were sent in.  More photos can be seen here

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