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Alps 2012 - based Saas Fee & Zermatt

posted 8 Oct 2012, 15:50 by Allan McCulloch
30th June - 15th July 2012 

An excellent 2 weeks in Switzerland with lots of terrific mountains climbed, valuable alpine experience gained and stunning scenery.

Our travels took us on the following routes:-

Allalinhorn ENE ridge 4027m (PD+) from Britannia Hut
Nadelhorn 4327m (PD+) from Mischabel Hut

Breithorn F (4164m) to Val d' Ayas hut
Traverse Pollux (4092m) and Castor (4228m) PD+ to Quintino Sella Hut
Return via Monta Rosa Hut.

We had also planned to do Pyramide Vincent and Signalkuppe (also in the Monta Rosa Group) but the weather wasn't playing nice!

There were a couple of 'rest days' which we spent doing  Via Ferrata, over-eating in Zermatt / Saas Fee and even visiting a sauna / outdoor pool!