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Deuchny Woods - Mountain Biking

posted 17 Apr 2013, 01:36 by Allan McCulloch
Tuesday 16th April 2013

With the bridge shut, Falkland was off the cards, so me and Dan went back to Deuchny Woods to muck about. The trees gave plenty of shelter from the wild weather, but the ground was super greasy and we were sliding about all over the shop. After a few dodge runs through the higher slopes of the hill, we stopped to rebuild a stump jump, take shelter from the rain and stand on the roots of a nearby tree that were heaving up and down in the wind. Slithering down to the bike park, things sped up on the hard surface until we came across a big tree lying over the middle of the track halfway down. Got nowhere trying to move it, so we scooped up some logs, stones and handfuls of nearby gravel and packed it down into a nice little jump over the trunk. Hit it a few times, packed it up some more, hit it again and left it in a pretty awesome state! Our trail fairy duties done, we were back at the van before 9 and heading home...

 - Alex Corlett