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Glen Doll, Mayar and Driesh

posted 29 May 2012, 14:59 by DMC Webmaster
Saturday 7th April 2012 

The forecast was perfect but as we drove down Glen Clova the mist got progressively lower along with our spirits. The usual view up Glen Doll was more "dramatic" than picturesque. However the mist didn't prevent us enjoying the steep climb up the corrie past the waterfalls. As we approached the summit of Mayar the cloud rose and for the rest of the day we had great views. After the recent heavy snowfall had come a fast thaw so only scraps of snow remained, but there was enough to build an igloo for Hana's friend Krtek. Despite the proximity to Dundee this route was new to Hana, her friend Kveta and Juan and everyone enjoyed it.

DMC Webmaster,
29 May 2012, 14:59