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Hill running in the Sidlaws

posted 6 Sep 2015, 14:23 by Niall Wallace   [ updated 12 Nov 2015, 11:38 by Allan McCulloch ]
Saturday 05 September 2015 

Dave, Niall and Bill

It was a sunny Sat morn and three of us had arranged an 11am run in the Sidlaws. Niall picked me up on the way and we met up with Dave at the Balkello car park (Dave cycling over 6km to get there).

A brief look at Dave’s planned route and then it was off.

Very quickly it was obvious that Niall and Dave were well matched for pace up front, while I settled into my own rhythm. However, they would generously wait until I’d caught up at key route changes. One of these stops included the obligatory photos at the cairn, for some reason taken from 50 metres away (don’t ask!).

A fairly brisk downhill to the car park ended the session.

It was definitely a satisfying morning session in great running weather. Here’s hoping for more of the same.

Below are the stats for Niall and Dave (I’m using a calendar for mine):

Distance: 6.8km Elevation: 339m Moving Time: 47.55 Avg Pace: 6.58/km