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Navigation practice evening

posted 18 May 2013, 08:38 by Jon Bowyer
Tuesday 7th May 2013 

Several members headed up to Lumley Den in the Sidlaws on a Tuesday evening to sharpen up their navigation skills.

Unfortunately the conditions weren't ideal for navigation practice, as the visibility was perfect! Still, we all made the most of the opportunity, with a few of the more experienced (or perhaps "should know better") members - namely Jim, Dave and myself - offering some tips and advice...  :o

Jim went over some pacing skills with everyone and then we split into two groups, with Dave and myself going over some basic map and compass skills with the 'newbie navigators' on a short walk up Ironside hill, whilst Jim took things a bit further with the 'rusty navigators' to the north of Gallow hill.

After a couple of hours folks were feeling much more confident in their nav skills and felt it was a worthwhile evening, so no doubt we'll arrange another before long...

- Jon Bowyer