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Photo Sharing

The club wholeheartedly encourages members to upload and share images from meets and other club activities through any platform such as Facebook, Google Photos, Flickr, etc. DMC also have a photo sharing system called Yogile where anyone can upload their meet photos (at full resolution!) and share them with the club. Photos uploaded to Yogile may be used to promote and publicise the club, including in the Newsletter, and on our Facebook/Instagram pages.

How to see photos for each meet

Browse the list of DMC albums here

Or alternatively click on the photo album link  beside the appropriate meet on the meets list.

If multiple people have added photos to an album, you can filter by each person using the contributor button (below)

How to upload your photos - please note details!

  1. Visit the album for the relevant meet (via yogile album index or via links from meets list)
  2. Don't just hit 'choose photos' - first make sure you're logged in with your own account:
    (This step is important - otherwise nobody can see whose photos are whose!
    It also means you will be able to edit/rotate your own photos later on.)
    1. Use Log In link at top of screen, or Sign Up if you don't have an account yet
    2. Go to "my account" and make sure you have a display name set
    3. Now you can upload your photos!
  3. If there are already photos in the album, click the "add more photos" button on the album page.
    If you aren't already logged in, you'll be prompted to enter your email address and a display name to create an account - please fill this in, or use the 'click here to login' link below
  4. Choose your photos and upload (but check the etiquette below first!). 
  5. Your photos will appear in the album once they have been approved (we have to do this to prevent abuse of the site)

    TIP: If you find your photos are taking too long to upload, consider resizing them to a lower resolution first. It's best to upload only a few photos at once.

Etiquette - please read!

A couple of ground rules for photo sharing and things to take note of:-
  • Try to limit the number of photos uploaded per trip to a sensible number (e.g. 10 of the best).
  • Do not upload anything which may offend/upset another member. If in doubt, check with the member first!
  • Try to ensure photos are of reasonable quality and will be well received by other members/potential members (e.g. don't upload chopped off / out of focus / sloping horizon images!)
  • Consider naming your pictures with meaningful titles (rather than leaving them with the "IMG XXX" style names your camera gave to them)
  • Remember not to upload photos anonymously, instead log in to yogile with your own free account, so that people can see whose photos are whose - and make sure you have a 'display name' set (see 'How To' above).
  • Note that the webmaster may occasionally delete some photos, for example if an album is getting very large and there are lots of similar pictures.
  • If you’re in a photo in one of the DMC’s Yogile albums and you would like it to be removed please email the committee with a link to the photo.
Thanks :)

Album addresses

All albums are located at easy to predict web page addresses based on the meet date:- (where YYYY is the year, MM is the month and DD is the day). The day is always the first day of the meet (e.g. Friday night for a weekend meet)

e.g. Beinn Bhreac (Jun 2011), is located at

The album titles should be of the form "TripName (MMM YYYY)", e.g. "Beinn Bhreac (Jun 2011)".

Need a new album created?

If you have been on a trip and there is not yet an album created for it, you can request the webmaster to create one using the contact form.

Note that new albums must be created by the club's special account - albums created by free yogile accounts get automatically deleted after 14 days! Also if the album is not created by the club's account it will not be listed in the album index.