The Dundee Mountain Club Discord is free and open to all members and prospective members, and can be accessed via any web browser (Chrome, Safari etc.), Android, Apple phones and desktop apps (Windows / Mac).

The club uses Discord to:

  • Allow members to arrange spontaneous meets together (activities and socials)
  • Communicate regarding planned trips like weekend meets (e.g. arrange transport, mountain plans, communal meals etc.)
  • Host video calls like “Dundee Mountain Chats” and online pub meets
  • General chat and online socialising

Please use your real name

If you are on multiple Discord servers you can set your name for just the DMC one (right click or long tap on DMC logo on the menu -> Edit Server Profile)



Initially everyone joining Discord is added to the open #welcome and #meet-weekly-pub channels where you can ask questions and chat about meeting up with us.

Once you have joined the club as (or have been added as a prospective member) you will be given full access to all channels

  • Use #lets-meet to suggest a new meet by creating a new thread (click +)
  • Please constrain chatter (especially non mountain related) to #general-chat
  • You will be invited to organised meet channels when you signup (e.g. weekend meets with convention #2022-04-22-skye)
  • Any questions about discord? Feel free to ask in the welcome channel or speak to a member of the committee.

Control of notifications

You are in control of which channels (topics) you are notified on. Right click (on web) or long press (on app) on any channel / channel group (see right) and select if you want to be notified of new messages or not.



  • Channels such as club-announcements, lets-meet, general-chat, etc. are members only (if you don’t see these and are a member, please contact the committee so they can grant you access)
  • Non members can access DMC discord and see some open channels (welcome, weekly-pub-meets and dundee-mountain-chats)
  • Non members can be invited to specific channels (e.g. their first meet when attending as a guest)
(please use your real name)

More information

Discord has many advantages over the WhatsApp and Google Groups:

  • Visibility: Channels are findable for all members (no more secret WhatsApp groups)
  • Privacy: No need to share phone numbers between members (like WhatsApp). No need for Facebook / Google account
  • Easy access: Android/iOS App or Web browser with easy to use interface
  • Notification control: Be notified on topics you are interested in (e.g. info about new
    meets or meets I am signed up to but not general chatter)
  • Video: Ability to host video calls with groups (no need for separate Zoom etc.)
  • Auto archive: Old chat threads are automatically archived after a period of inactivity, but can still be found

As with all club activities please remember the Code of Conduct.