Know Before You Go

Anyone wishing to participate in activities arranged by, supported by, or facilitated by the club in any way (e.g. arranged using the club’s online forum, or arranged via a club social event) must read and accept the following UIAA participation statement before taking part:

"I accept that climbing, hillwalking, mountaineering and many other outdoor pursuits are activities with a danger of personal injury or death. I am aware of and accept these risks and shall be responsible for my own actions and involvement."

Safety Essentials

  1. Although members are usually happy to offer informal advice, Dundee Mountain Club does not provide group leaders or mountain guides
  2. You are responsible for your own route planning, and having appropriate equipment with you 
  3. You are responsible for your own safety on the hill, and having the necessary skills for your planned activity (e.g. navigating with a map & compass / using an ice axe and crampons) 

Planning your activity / route

Multi-day / full-weekend trips:

  • Participants are expected to have looked at maps of the area and route options in advance (the Meets Secretary / trip organiser may send out some relevant links and info to help) 
  • The club Discord and/or club’s pub social should be used to discuss plans and options. 
  • Dogs are not permitted on weekend meets.
  • On arrival (usually on a Friday evening), participants will typically finalise plans deciding who is going with whom and agree departure times. 
  • All participants must write their planned activity and route into the DMC routes book along with approximate expected return time (and any likely alternatives e.g. foul weather diversions etc) so that the others on the trip will know if you are overdue (and if so, where you went) 
  • Ensure you have a plan and ASK in advance of the trip if in any doubt (don’t wait until Saturday morning and expect to be able to ‘tag-along’ with someone!) 

Day Trips:

  • All DMC members are encouraged to propose day trips 
  • Dogs are occasionally welcome on day trips – depending on the activity. If you wish to bring your dog on a day trip please seek agreement from all other attendees first.
  • Plans will typically be made via the club forum and/or at the pub social including deciding on a destination, activity, route, meeting point etc.



Important skills for self reliance and mountain safety include:

Skills Courses (see also Glenmore Lodge and Ancrum)

Weather and Conditions

  • Always check the current and forecast conditions before setting off.
  • In winter, also beware of the risk of avalanches and check the avalanche forecast too.
  • Be ready to adjust your plans accordingly!
  • Don’t rely on standard weather forecasts – temperature, wind strength etc can be vastly different up on the hills from down in the valleys!

Useful forecast links

See useful links for more weather, routes and gear suppliers