Axe Throwing Night (Jan 2023)

Tuesday 31 January 2023

Some DMC members found a novel way to beat the January blues and release their “inner Viking” recently – with an axe-throwing lesson at Axe Hurling Dundee!

In a warehouse hidden behind Dundee’s Dens Road, caged arenas with sharpened axes and bullseyes await those with a taste for a more primeval form of target practice…

Ten DMC members gathered around as our instructor, Danny, imparted some wisdom – “pointy bit away from you” – before we hefted our axes.

There were a few throws to practise – overhanded, underhanded, backwards and even two at once.

Everyone got a few goes at the targets, and I’m pleased to record that the “bullseye bell” was rung a few times. War cries were perfected, and an hour later we left happy, invigorated – and, thankfully, without any casualties.

We’ve agreed to go back for another session later this year – and to potentially to try out their other activities. The site is also includes an Escape Room and will soon have a Rage Room – filled with old TVs and crockery for you to smash up to your heart’s content.

Apparently, you can also BYOB – but will that help or hinder the target practice? DMC will have to investigate soon…

  • Report by Katrina