Beach BBQ (May 2012)

Sunday 27 May 2012

It’s not all about mountains, we like a beach bbq as much as the next person, so with the summer of 2012 appearing to take place on a weekend this year we grabbed our burgers and headed down to Elie. The haar kept the beach empty until we arrived at which point it burned off although the scorching sun failed to raise the sea temperature high enough for anyone except Vilma to go for a dip. After a leisurely meal we headed round to the wee via ferrata on the sea cliffs, all of us except Alison who didn’t want to risk giving birth half-way and Hazel who didn’t want to risk breaking a nail the week before her wedding 😉 The only thing you can’t cook on a bbq is ice cream so we finished at the harbour in Anstruther.

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