Burns Supper (Jan 2017)

25 January 2017

We done him proud! The evening kicked off with Andrew K’s rendering of To a Haggis, followed by fantastic efforts by our eloquent orators Pete M. and Mhairi. Jim’s take on the Immortal memory as an interactive quiz went down well with Niall and Frantisek getting the top score. There were heartfelt renderings of verse from Louise, Paul and Berenice and a Polish translation of Burns’ Bessie and her Spinning Wheel by Paulina. An evening celebrating poetry and imagination could not be complete without our own creations. These came in the form of a humorous limerick by Simon et al, but without doubt, the true highlight of the evening was Alex’s own composition, Feel the Burns, inspired by the DMC Burns Supper itself, which he skillfully penned as we celebrated.

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Present: Ilze, Simon, Mhiari, Paul, Pete Mann, Jim, Alex, Paulina, Niall, Bill, Frantisek, Louise, Andrew Kesterton, Allan, Berenice, Andrew B

Report by Berenice