(Combat) Skiing at the Lecht (Nov 2016)

13 November 2016

It all started with an awful end for an awful week: Cohen was dying, Trump was winning, snow was melting.

In the forecasts a few hours at 2-4 of degrees above zero on Sunday morning after a warm Saturday. Rain predicted to start at noon. A quick message on the forum – Lecht was planning to open.

“…If they open, they must have enough snow…”. My best bet was to take uplift at Lecht, and skin away from the crowds. Worst case scenario: the drive via Glen Isla to Lecht is my favorite in East Scotland and Glenlivet MTB park is just around the corner…

So: alarm clock at 6:30, MTB and skis in the car, American Honey soundtrack on max.

I found Lecht a patchwork of snow and healther. Completely deserted. First things first. I built a snowman and took a photo. A couple of lift workers came out. “Are you open?” “Yes” “Why is no one here?” “Hmm, there are people around…” “I don’t see any…which runs are open?” I counted my options. Two reds with snow going full length. Two reds that looked like couloir skiing with obstacles. Some patches of snow on blue. That’s clearly skiable 🙂

I had every piste, if not the entire center at times, for myself. I skied the reds, the patches of snow (and the patches of heather) on blue, the icy crust underneath the lifts. I stopped short of a 1m drop into mud and rocks (twice). I jumped over gaps in the snow. I did not fall. I wish I could end with the line “What does not kill you…. ruins your skis”, but I did not even scratch them 🙂

Winter please come back.

  • Report by Daniela

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