Glencoe Ski Club Hut – Bridge of Orchy (Dec 2022)

Friday 2 – Sunday 4 December 2022

After meeting the club a few times at Avertical and Bank Bar my partner and I were encouraged (with the help of beer) to sign up for our first meet with DMC. Arriving at the ski hut early on Friday evening we quickly got chatting with some new faces and were made to feel incredibly welcome. Soon plans started to develop for the next day, and we were struck by how open each group was to us joining in. With the serious work out the way and more and more members arriving , the night quickly moved onto the important business of DIY Christmas decorating, games of spoons and feeding the fire.

Waking bright and early the next morning (mostly), the club set off on a wide range of activities, including paddleboarding, running and a good deal of Munro bagging. Spirits were not dampened by the dreich weather, with groups heading off for Stob Ghabhar and Stob Coire Odhair, East Mamores, The Devils Staircase, and my own group led by Dave ticking off Beinn an Dothaidh and Ben Achaldair. Despite the lack of views from the tops, the groups returned to the hut that evening satisfied, happy, and oddly smelling of grilled venison? After a scramble for the shower, the cooks impressed us all with a delicious and hearty Christmas dinner. Perhaps seeking vengeance for running over Rudolph, Santa himself appeared to push us to the limit with a quiz on all things DMC, mountains, and general knowledge. Having successfully stoked turmoil in the club over allegations of cheating, fraudulent marking and geological debates, Santa made his departure and the night transformed into a party that put my university years to shame.

Sunday brought better weather and largely lower level plans, with myself, Lauren and Andrew setting off to give the tourists a view to remember in the hidden valley.

We couldn’t have asked for a better way to get to know the club and were enamoured with how the club welcomed us with open arms. A wide range of activities over the weekend meant that no matter our skill or fitness levels, there was something and someone we could join for a memorable day out on both days. We can’t wait for the next meet!

  • Report by Duncan Hollands