Lecht ski area (Apr 2012)

Thursday 5th April 2012

After the almost total lack of snow for the past month and the scorching heatwave of last week, the snow suddenly returned. Given the generally poor scottish ski season since early January, Andrew & Jon took the day off to make the most of this wee dump of snow whilst it was there as it was sure to melt by the weekend. The place to go seemed to be the Lecht, as the Buzzard side seemed to have accumulated the windblown snow whereas most other accessible places were stripped.

They skinned up past the Buzzard, took a run down to the road, and went back up and along to to the end of the shoulder to get the views to the north. It wasn’t really worth trying to do a longer tour as so much of the ground was stripped, so they made the best of the snow where they were and did two more descents towards the road. After that the wet spring snow was taking its toll on Andrew’s skins which began to fall off altogether, so we called it a day and made the long journey back home (A939 was unhelpfully closed due to roadworks between Ballater and Corgarff so had to take a longer route!)