Legaston and Kirri climbing (May 2013)

Thursday 16th May 2013

Lucky enough to have all afternoon free, Mike and I managed an Angus twofer at Legaston and then Kirriemuir, where we joined Dave, Jennie, Justyna, and Andrew.

It was my first visit to Legaston, where I quickly confirmed Mike’s report that the venue is not for the short. We started out with Armygeddon (5+), finding it a far cry from indoor 5s — it took us a few tries and a good number of grunts to manage a redpoint. Discouraging. But we found Seconds Out (6a) perhaps a bit easier, both achieving redpoints in short order. We turned our attention next to Sweet Revenge (6a+), a beautiful slanting crack that’s now a retro-bolted E1 route. Thanks to some tips from a dreadlocked local, we made some progress and eventually I dogged my way to the top. We finished our visit to Legaston with the surprisingly hard Between the Lines (formerly 6a, downgraded to 5+), a nice route passing over a couple of small overhangs.

A quick drive brought us to Kirriemuir in the evening, where we found Dave and Jennie ticking off a few climbs including Awe (6a+). Mike climbing a horrid crumbling route first before we turned to the somewhat cleaner When Annabelle Met Tinkerbelle (6a). Afterward, Andrew and I climbed a fun route over a small overhanging ledge, Badly Overdrawn Boy (6a+). At that point it was getting a bit chilly and Mike and I had aching toes, so everyone called it a day.

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