Roybridge (Feb 2020)

14 – 16 February 2020

I write this sitting in the office enjoying the late afternoon sun on a glorious blue sky winter day, a fresh blanket of snow draped over the hills and a strong desire to skip work tomorrow and get the skis out

None of which is remotely like the weekend the DMC had at Roybridge….

The forecast had already dampened the enthusiasm of the week prior – Munro’s to bag, possibly a climb on Aonach Mor or the Ben?? Skis for Nevis Range or even Nordic skiing in the Leanachan forest..??

Nope, this would be a weekend of modest ambitions, even someone with the foresight to suggest putting in swimming gear.

There was keen interest in ‘short day’ planning on Friday night, and
fortunately there is a Graham on each side of the Glen both promising a taster of the driving rain and fierce winds, without being too committing. A few groups duly set off up Creag Dubh (N of GlenSpean) and Cnap Cruinn to the south. Chimed and I pushed on to the summit of the latter in the teeth of the gale and on returning to the Hut we noted the river had risen by about 2-3m since we had been away. Thoroughly soaked, the unanimous decision seemed to be the Lochaber Leisure Centre for the afternoon, swim, sauna and steam room… we were not alone in ditching outdoor activities for the day! Dom and Amy did however manage to kayak a section of the river in Glen Roy which was probably the most appropriate activity.

A lively Saturday evening followed, with no obvious intention of an early start on Sunday. The Ice Factor was the most popular choice, and after consoling ourselves with hot chocolate and coffee – Bruce the deserved winner of the most ‘ridiculous pile of cream’ – headed off for some ice wall climbing, climbing wall and bouldering – and a few daring to head outside to walk to the Grey Mares Tail and Mamore Lodge.. We were duly flattened by the wind at about 200m, a sharp reminder why we weren’t on the hill proper.

A discovery that i had left my Paramo (c) trousers in the hut requiring a diversion and extra hour on the way home, kind of summed up the weekend – A Washout, salvaged by a Sauna, Hot Chocolate with lashings of Cream and great company.

  • Report by Iain

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