Strawberry Cottage, Glen Affric (Jun 2024)

Friday 28 – Sunday 30 June 2024

Getting to Strawberry Cottage is an expedition in itself – a 4½ hour drive down smaller and smaller roads and just when you think you really are away from it all, there’s a gate and a rough track and another 5 miles to go. With only 2 cars per trip permitted on the track, Yasmin found Greg’s description of ‘a 20-minute drive down a track’ slightly rose-tinted and took nearly an hour to coax her little car over the obstacle course, while many of the rest of us, bumpy-cycled or walked our way in.

This included the Morrison clan, who arrived slightly later than foreseen due to 2 of them having school that day. Nevertheless, they all arrived in good spirits, complete with bagpipes.

The weather was not kind to us on Saturday, with lots of wet stuff appearing from the sky and somewhat spoiling the fabulous scenic views. Despite this, several Munros were conquered, and some people who clearly did not think the rain had been wet enough, later spent time warming up in the river.

Saturday evening was a social event, with some arguments with the stairs apparently being the fault of ‘the person who left the whisky out’, and Sunday came pleasingly dry for those of us walking and cycling out. In conclusion – not the best weather, but great company in a truly lovely location.

  • Report by Ruth