Dundee Mountain Club welcomes new members from a wide range of mountain sport backgrounds.

The first step is to meet us, usually at one of our weekly social get-togethers.

We will be happy to invite you to join us on one of our meets to get a taste of the club in action, and then if you like what you see, join the club! 

Membership Benefits

  • Monthly weekend trips to mountain huts in stunning locations
  • Varied and frequent walking, climbing, skiing and mountain biking day meets
  • Access to an active community of other like-minded mountain sports enthusiasts
  • Opportunities to take part in trips abroad for mountaineering / climbing / skiing etc
  • Weekly pub social in Dundee plus other club social events
  • Mountaineering Scotland personal civil liability insurance
  • Mountaineering Scotland Scottish Mountaineer magazine subscription
  • Access to BMC travel & holiday insurance via Mountaineering Scotland
  • Access to Mountaineering Scotland safety & training events, courses & lectures
  • Discounts on outdoor equipment, accommodation and more, see the Mountaineering Scotland discounts page for details
  • Access to other Mountaineering Scotland benefits

Annual Membership Prices

(age 18 or over)
(under 18) 
Including Mountaineering Scotland membership
For existing Mountaineering Scotland members

* Youth memberships are only available where accompanied by an Adult Membership (Youth members may only attend club activities when accompanied by their parent/guardian)

Some more blurb

  • Dundee Mountain Club (DMC) is affiliated with Mountaineering Scotland and members of DMC must also be registered as members of Mountaineering Scotland.
  • If you already hold Mountaineering Scotland membership (e.g. individual membership) you can pay the reduced fee shown above when you join DMC. Note that this still works out more expensive than joining Mountaineering Scotland via DMC however, so is only of interest if you already hold Mountaineering Scotland membership prior to joining DMC.
  • The club’s membership year runs from the beginning of April to the end of March (in line with the Mountaineering Scotland membership year for Mountaineering Scotland affiliated clubs). Membership renewals are therefore due on the 1st April each year.
  • New members joining part way through the membership year will pay a pro-rata amount for the first year
    • e.g. an adult joining in May will only pay eleven-twelfths of the fee (33 * 11/12 = £30.25)
  • Once your membership application has been accepted, payment should be made by Direct Debit arranged through the club treasurer.
  • The first steps to joining are to come and meet us
  • Please read our Safety policies,  ConstitutionPrivacy Policy and Code of Conduct before completing the online application.

Ok, Ready to JOIN!

Complete your membership application form on-line