Annual Gathering, AGM & Awards (MAR 2022)

Friday 25th March 2022

Annual Gather, AGM and Awards held at Scrapantics Space in the Wellgate

At the start of this DMC year in March last year, things felt a little bleak. We were a year on from the start of lockdown, and after an AGM on zoom, it didn’t look like we were going to be getting back to normal any time soon.

Although we were unable to have official events and weekend meets for the majority of this last year – that hasn’t stop us exploring the hills, enjoying ourselves, and supporting each other via nonsense on the DMC WhatsApp group, “virtual pub” zoom calls, and online quizzes.

The 2022 AGM was a celebration of this, with slideshows of previous outings and excited discussion on where we could book in for future meets now that restrictions have lifted.

It was truly inspiring to see everyone’s photos from their ongoing adventures, elect a new committee, munch pizza from Luigi’s (excellent recommendation Alison and Niall!) and discuss ways in which we can improve the club.

So, while we’re planning more events and official weekend meets for the coming year, please keep your suggestions and plans coming, and help make this year the best DMC year yet.

DMC Awards 2022

The nominations were in, the people had spoken, and the award winners were crowned…

Andrew Brooks, Andy Murphy and Gaele Hogrel with their awards.

Most Active – Gaelle Hogrel

She has been on almost all the running nights and climbing nights, took part in the Plantlife’s Cairngorms Rare Plants and Wild Connections project, and has been at most of the weekend meets. She also cooked up an impressive Galette des Rois at the January meet!

Culinary – Sandy Green

A home-cooked meal is a staple of any DMC weekend meet, and even more so for the popular Christmas meet! The volunteer chef always has their work cut out for them catering to the large group of attendees. Sandy volunteered this year and pulled out all the stops to create an “alternative Christmas dinner” that went down a treat.

Ditch The Car – Andrew Brooks

Brooks was nominated for this award for “reversing into the neighbour’s fence at the Alex Mac hut, right under her nose. She did not look very impressed!”
The culprit pleaded guilty to all charges and meekly accepted the nomination.

Navigation – Andy Murphy

A few tongue-in-cheek nominations came in after the last weekend meet to Torridon… Andy M, according to multiple reports, “took people down the worst gully descent imaginable on Beinn Eighe on Saturday.”
Andy accepted this award, but considered it the title valid instead of ironic as all expedition members got home safely.

Scribe – Pete Beattie

The poet wowed us with his orations of the National Bard’s work at the DMC Burns Night Supper, and even took the time to pen his own in remembrance of the evening. We’ll have to get him to start writing more meet reports!