1. How much experience do I need to join Dundee Mountain Club?

You do not need to have extensive experience in all of the activities Dundee Mountain Club undertakes. You are however responsible for your own safety and must ensure you have the appropriate skills (e.g. being able to use a map and compass) before taking part in any trip.

Dundee Mountain Club do not provide group leaders or mountain guides so you must be able to “hold your own” on the mountain! That said, members are usually happy to offer informal advice to new members about the suitability of trips and level of experience required. See know before you go

2. How fit do I have to be to join Dundee Mountain Club?

You do not need to be an athlete, but you obviously will need a reasonable level of fitness to get the most out of Dundee Mountain Club.

There is a wide range of fitness levels within the club membership and members with similar aspirations tend to group together to do activities at a suitable level.

3. What are the essentials for my first trip with Dundee Mountain Club?

Read our all-important guide: know before you go

4. How is Dundee Mountain Club different from many other clubs?

We have a flexible and informal structure with trips and events organised by members as well as by the committee. Days out are typically organised at short notice allowing us to take the weather forecasts and current mountain conditions into account when deciding what to do and where to go. We also have a strong social focus with a weekly pub gathering.

The club is called “Dundee Mountain Club” rather than a “mountaineering” club to reflect the fact that our interests are wide-ranging – see Why DMC

5. How are day trips organised?

Day trips are typically organised either in the pub or via our online forum (sometimes at short notice – see Q4 above). We actively encourage ALL members of the club to get involved in planning and proposing trips (providing they fit with the activities and ethos of the club).

A trip is deemed a “club trip” if it is advertised via the forum and open to all members.

6. Where does my membership fee go?

Just under half of the annual membership fee goes to your membership of Mountaineering Scotland. They provide you with civil liability insurance, a magazine subscription and many other benefits.

The rest goes to support members in providing funds to advance book accommodation, arrange club events and promote the club. See membership page for details

7. What do you do with my information?

See our Privacy Policy.

8. How is transport to meets organised?

Transport to meets is primarily by car sharing arranged between members, although you don’t need to have your own car.

9. How is accommodation organised?

The meets secretary or member organising the meet will typically book out accomodation in advance. The cost of this is shared between members attending. See accommodation page

10. How is the committee formed?

The club is run by a committee that are elected at the Annual General Meeting in March of each year. Any member of the club can stand for one of the committee positions as set out in the constitution. See the committee page

11. Are dogs allowed on meets?

Dogs are not allowed on weekend/overnight meets, but can occasionally accompany owners to day meets/activities. If you wish to bring your dog on a day meet/activity please seek agreement from all other attendees first.

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