Loch Lomond, Sun 7th April (Apr 2013)

Andy, Cheryl and Fraser set off from Dundee on a dull drizzly morning to climbTroisgeach, Meall nan Caora and Meall an Fhudair at the north end of Loch Lomond. The further west we drove the drier it got, but the hill fog persisted. West of Loch Lomond the cloud base was meant to be above 1000m, but at times was down to 500m, requiring use of the compass and pacing to navigate between the peaks. We also had time to practice some ice axe breaking and a couple of comedy videos were recorded by Cheryl. At the top of Meall an Fhudair I put my 4 person emergency shelter into use for the first time, so we could eat lunch in temperatures at least 12 degrees warmer than those outside. Warm enough to steam up my glasses in fact. Back in the cold after lunch, we quickly descended to warmer climes and the hydro road that took us quickly back to the car.