Beinn Sgulaird (May 2012)

Saturday 26 May 2012

This hill is nestled in behind the (justly) famous glens Etive and Coe and so is rarely visited, which is a shame as the views from the summit are tremendous. A sudden and dramatic change from the previous week saw temperatures rise by over 20 degrees so instead of full-on winter conditions we were treated to the best of summer. We chose the shortest route up the hill so with the combination of very steep ground, no wind and precious little water we almost melted. The ground got so steep it turned into cliffs and the only route through turned out to be a difficult scramble with grass for hand-holds. At one point it was almost impossible but we managed by removing our rucksacks for balance and lifting the dog up and passing her from person to person as her short legs meant she couldn’t reach the holds. Above the cliffs the going was easier and a stiff breeze was most welcome. From the summit could be seen the splendours of the Etive and Coe hills, Juan on the summit of Ben Nevis, and out to sea Mull and the other islands were clear with no haze. The descent through Glen Ure was truly spectacular as the impossibly steep cliffs are covered in trees that the deer cannot reach. The only disappointment of the day was the midgies waiting for us by the car.