Corrie Fee, Glen Clova (Feb 2017)

Sunday 12th February 2017

A spell of cold weather was enough to tempt Dave, Ephraim and myself to leave Dundee at 6.30 on Saturday morning to head to Glen Clova for some winter climbing. An easy walk through the forest on crunchy snow seemed promising, and as we entered Corrie Fee Ephraim exclaimed his surprise at how calm it was. It didn’t last, we were blasted by the wind and the knee deep snow became waist deep or worse as we headed up to B Gully. Ephraim started climbing, then decided a rope would be sensible. Dave got within site of the top, but the ice started to disintegrate so we decided to head back down. It was an energetic day out in what’s best described as typical Scottish conditions.

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Present: Dave M, Ephraim, Simon L