Code of conduct

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Dundee Mountain Club is fully committed to safeguarding its members, and providing a welcoming experience for all. Everyone, both members and non-members, should be considerate of others at all times, whether on official meets, at social events, or any other activity.

Club members come from a wide variety of backgrounds and have different experiences, so please bear this in mind and ensure everyone feels welcome. For instance, behaviour that’s acceptable amongst a close group of friends may cause discomfort to people new to the club.

Members are encouraged to be open with each other at all times. If you see or experience inappropriate behaviour try and resolve it immediately if you feel able to. Many incidences can hopefully be dealt with amicably. If this is not possible, or you wish to make an official complaint, please contact any member of the committee as listed on the DMC website. Please also contact any committee member if you have any concerns about the club in general.

If you have a complaint about one or more individuals the committee will convene an independent panel to investigate the complaint. To ensure a fair hearing this will ideally be comprised of club members who were not present at the incident that is the subject of the complaint. Whilst we do not wish to prevent people speaking out please bear this mind if speaking to others about the incident.