Coruisk Memorial Hut, Skye (May 2024)

Friday 17 – Sunday 19 May 2024

After a long drive from Dundee and short boat journey from Elgol, 17 DMCers arrived at Coruisk Memorial Hut, our base for the weekend. A fire was lit and plans made for Saturday.

On Saturday morning, a small group headed off around Coruisk loch, up to the col, and then on to Sgurr na Stri. Everyone else stood at the bottom of the Dubh Slabs, donned helmets, and looked up…. It was my first encounter with the Cuillins and gabbro rock. It took a while, and at one point the reassurance of rope, to get confident with the ‘stickiness’ of the rock. After the slabs, the spectacular but rather intimidating Dubh Ridge loomed before us. And from then, the only way was up! As we progressed, with some challenging and at times ‘airy’ ascents, some initial mist cleared and the rest of the day was a scorcher. The Cuillin Ridge looked amazing in the bright sunshine. There were occasional welcome pauses on very small areas of level ground. But otherwise it was up and more up. And then – for almost everyone – down, via a dramatic 30 metre abseil. And then a final push up to the Munro, Sgurr Dubh Mor.

We didn’t linger as it is a small and rather exposed space. Rope was needed for part of the steep descent, then after another climb and peak, it was down to the col, and then a long descent through a tricky boulder field. The first group arrived back at 9.45 and the last with headtorches after 11. A fantastic late dinner and some time by the fire, ended a phenomenal, mind-blowing, and at times a bit scary, day of adventure with a great group of people. A later start on Sunday; a few went for a short walk nearby, most headed back by the lunchtime boat, and return to Dundee.

  • Report by Ed Hall