Coronavirus Meet Guidelines

The DMC is now able to organise limited meets following the current coronavirus guidelines. Everyone must follow the Mountaineering Scotland Coronavirus guidelines. Ensure you’re familiar with them, especially if you want to organise an informal meet. This includes day meets, runs, climbing, etc. Consider installing the Protect Scotland app.

Simon Li is the club COVID officer, and can be contacted by email [email protected]. The club secretary Greg Cox is also on this address as a backup.

Do not attend a meet if you have recently had any COVID symptoms or may have been in contact with someone with COVID

Do not attend a meet if you can answer yes to any of the following questions in the past 14 days

  • Do you have or have had a high temperature?
  • Do you have or have you had a new, continuous cough?
  • Do you have or have you had a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste?
  • Are any of your household symptomatic of COVID-19 or have any of them been?
  • Are any of your household self-isolating or have any of them been?
  • To the best of your knowledge have you been in close contact with anyone else who is symptomatic of COVID-19?

Informal meetups (6 people/6 households)

Up to 6 people from 6 households can meet up outdoors for any purpose (not just exercise) as part of the Scottish government guidelines. Everyone should adhere to social distancing rules and practice good hygiene. These can be organised using the usual club channels, but be prepared to turn away people if more than 6 people are interested.

Club activities with more than 6 people

The DMC is permitted to organise larger meets in line with guidance from its governing body, Mountaineering Scotland. This is a privilege, and it’s important that everyone follows the guidelines from the Scottish Government and Mountaineering Scotland, and does their best to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. Currently these meets must be for non-contact outdoor sport or exercise.

All club activities must have a designated organiser who will be the acting COVID officer for that activity. They must:

  • Complete a written COVID risk assessment in advance of the activity and share it with the club COVID officer.
  • Maintain a list of all attendees with phone numbers, with the date and time of the activity, and pass it to the club COVID officer as soon as possible. This list will be stored securely for 21 days and forwarded to NHS Test and Protect if requested. This should be managed using the DMC meets sign-up system.
  • Ensure everyone is aware of the Mountaineering Scotland Coronavirus guidelines.

Note the DMC will not pass on information to members about anyone with suspected or confirmed COVID-19. This will only be done by NHS contact tracers, but you are of course free to voluntarily inform others yourself.