10th Anniversary meet, Glencoe (Sep 2020)

Sat 19 September 2020

DMC had been planning it’s 10th anniversary meet for 9 months, with a large gathering to take place in September 2020. Sadly, Covid put a stop to that and it was looking as though we wouldn’t be able to do anything at all. Then, at the last minute, a new piece of legislation was passed allowing organised outdoor activity groups, yeehah!

And so we met in Glencoe on one of those days which comes around once every ten years, a late summer day with not a cloud in the sky, not a breath of wind, and, most miraculous of all, not a midgie to be felt. Last minute plans meant many of our best friends couldn’t join us, but we did have two founder members, one of which was on the very first meet, exactly ten years previously, also to Glencoe.

Our destination was a Munro called Creise. Starting from the ski centre, we avoided the buildings and lifts by crossing a stream and walking straight into a bog. Three kilometers of mud later, most of which seemed very attracted to Allan’s trousers, we rounded the corner and saw the whole mountain ahead of us. When you’re standing facing a wall of rock it looks intimidating but our fearless bunch picked the north-east ridge and set off up the glen. A quick splash across a gorgeous twinkling burn and we put hands to rock. For the whole of the climb to the summit we stuck to the ridge line, alternately scrambling with face to rock, and turning to gaze at the unfolding panorama of distant peaks surrounding the wild Rannoch Moor. The ascent was very steep but the rock was dry and grippy with plenty of hand-holds. We had so much fun, the time passed quickly and it was almost disappointing when it came to an end at the top. The disappointment instantly vapourised when we saw the incredible 360-degree views, including Ben Nevis, the peaks on the islands of Mull, Rum and Skye, Glen Etive, Ben Cruachan, the Orchy hills, Schiehallion, and so on. We sat for ages eating lunch and drinking the vista. Moving on, we let Allan bag his neighbouring Corbett whilst the rest bagged a Munro Top. Then we reunited at 1108m, socially distanced of course, for a celebration with a pop of the Prosecco cork and a toast to the next ten years of wonderful people on fantastic mountains.

  • Report by Andrew, accompanied by Berenice, Ed, Andy M, Fiona, Allan