Dundee Mountain Club Film Festival (Feb 2021)

Thu 4 Feb 2021

Like many others we were disappointed when the Dundee Mountain Film Festival was unavoidably cancelled last year. Hopefully it’ll be back later this year, but in the mean time we thought we’d run our own mini Dundee Mountain Club Film Festival. You can watch the films in this YouTube playlist, or scroll down to watch them here.

Danny Macaskill: The Ridge

There’s a new video of him descending the Dubh Slabs in the Skye Cuillin, but The Ridge is arguably still his best video. You’ve probably seen it before, but watch it again. And again. And still be amazed.

Comfort Zones – Scottish Steep Skiing

A local video filmed on the off-piste ski slopes around Glenshee.

OMG Water Landing With No Parachute!

A wing-suite landing on water without a parachute. Might be fake, but entertaining none-the-less.

Strathpuffer 2014

One from the DMC video archive. This is not your usual hard-core glamarous mountain biking video. Get a real feel for what it’s like to do the Strathpuffer 24 hour MTB race in the middle of winter.

Stuntman becomes the first person to fly a wingsuit from a UK mountain

This is definitely real! A base jumper becomes the first person to fly a wingsuit from a UK mountain, taking off from Lord Berkeley’s Seat on An Teallach.

No Handed Climbing With Johnny Dawes

One of the UK’s greatest climbers shows that climbing isn’t just about upper body strength, whilst maintaining his down-to-earth nonchalant attitude.

Experience the world’s first ski descent of K2 with Andrzej Bargiel

Although shorter than Mount Everest, K2 is one of the hardest mountains in the world to climb, so it’s even more incredible that someone climbed it without oxygen then skied back down.

Dundee Mountain Club – Windsurfing/Extreme Ironing at Loch Etchachan

An old classic from the DMC archive. What happens when someone suggests windsurfing on a mountain?