Glen Affric (Sep 2014)

Friday 19th September – Sunday 21st September 2014

Many souls, miserable after the referendum result dragged themselves north….. a real tonic. After a dreich and drippy week the sun came out after Dunkeld just before dusk. All met up in Cannich at 10 pm and drove through the dark for the last few miles, all managing to squeeze into 2 vehicles for the final miles. Luckily Greg knew where to go. A few wines and whiskies later all felt better, and Paul and Justyna (purportedly) got the water pump going. Saturday morning, a lot of tired bodies dragged themselves off in various directions, but the sun was out, it was windless and sparkling. I opted for Mam Sodhail – a big lump of a hill – and the first few k up was not appreciated by my body but eventually, after a few misty k to the shoulder the skies cleared, the views magnificent and there was a spring in my step at last. Met Caya, who had been off earlier than me and was returning, the penalty for that being no views at the top….. Long way down, making it a 20k day, and then between 4 and 6 everyine else returned having done massive walks or bike rides. Great evening followed. Next morning – perfect, still, warm – we finally got the pump sorted and then returned to cars and Caya and I headed south while the others went off for a walk to Dog Falls. All in all a perfect recuperative weekend.

Report by Alec Edwards

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