Glenbeg bunkhouse, Granton on Spey, Cairngorms (Jan 2020)

17 – 19 January 2020

Arriving just before 10pm on the Friday, the maps where already out and ideas formed. So it was just the decision to choose between where we would go..? And it was then I discovered I’d left my boots, and map behind! They were safely ready in the back of my car in Dundee… Luckily I had brought with me a pair for Rosie, so I would wear those in for her…? She had others, summer boots that she was happy to wear again! Sandwiches were made and beds finally found as we set alarms for 6.30am!

The morning came soon enough, and we realised we didn’t have the car space for all of the group. Luckily we were leant Dave’s car, agreeing we’d pay if accidents should happen and off we went!!

We took a long walk in, needing ice axe and crampons for most of the day we scaled Bynack More and then onto Cairngorm once we’d descended far enough that the ascent looked quite forboding!! As darkness fell we found ourselves leaving a very cold and windy summit, picture attached, to be joined by loads of walking groups and tours on the ski runs down to the car park. Making the most of an easy opportunity we hitched lifts back to our cars, saving a couple of road miles at the end of a beautiful day. Lukas and I managed to find a driver who’s steering cut out every so often requiring him to restart the car whilst sailing along in order to steer. We got out glad to still be able to. Letting those brave young men carry on back to Dundee!

Back at the bunk house, (with Dave’s car returned as we borrowed it!), we all shared tales, those that had climbed, cycled and walked, now all home safely. Drinking wine and whisky and feasting on plentiful food Ilze and Paulina had prepared we settled down to play trivial pursuits and Dobble. With late night ghost stories to thrill in the dorm. Niall surprised us all with a talent that should be used again of telling tales of suspense and freakish behaviours….

Sunday came, breakfast and days starting much later as we cleaned up and all went in different directions. Craig a friend of Iain’s joined in and we enjoyed getting lost in the woods heading up to a peak somewhere??! We never made it to the Munro but played in snow, and practised ice axe arrests whilst sliding down hill sides on our bums till we were numb with cold… Then heading back at the end of another beautiful day. The sky red with promises of tomorrow.

  • Report by Sandy

Plenty of new experiences on this meet! A new hut for the club, our first time staying at the Glenbeg bunkhouse, a most wonderfully situated farmhouse up in the hills outside Grantown-on-Spey. Some new members, always great to welcome new faces to the club. New winter climbing routes for some and new summits for others. New experiences such as walking with crampons all day, making good progress in 50mp winds, or making no progress at all in deep bog. A new drone for Dave. And a lovely first – roses on the dinner table for the Saturday evening meal 🙂

Report by Andrew

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