Mountain Biking, Balmerino (May 2014)

Tuesday 6th May 2014

Niall showed Alex, Simon and Daniella one of his shorter “Local Loops”. This being the sort of “Mountain” Biking Niall has done since a teenager he thought it appropriate to dig out his old rigid Raleigh for a bit of amusement.

Heading west from Wormit bay they took in the Coastal Path to Balmerino along with the tricky old “cliff edge” path for a short section before heading into the Birkhill estate “Low Woods” where a number of campers were found to be cooking their tea.

Rejoining the coastal path on the Birkhill House green hill drive to return to Balmerino, then followed the Monks Path through woodland where a rope swing provided some amusement. Finally taking up the Naughton estate road to Peacehill followed by a rapid bone rattling descent on tractor trails through the fields to return to Wormit Den and the Bay.

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