Strathpuffer 24 MTB (Jan 2013)

Saturday 26th – Sunday 27th January 2013

Club members Alex and Niall – along with Niall’s Friend Alan and Alan’s wee brother Wes – took part in the world famous Strathpuffer 24 hour Mountain Bike race in Torrachilty Forest near Strathpeffer. Completing 19 laps in the allowed 25 hours and taking 55th place in the Quads competition, they succeeded in their aim of finishing “Not Last”, and also in all spotting motorcycle racer and Yorkshire legend Guy Martin – although it did take until 2pm on Sunday for Alex to spot him (not for want of trying). Niall is already hoping the 12 hour edition is run again this summer as he plots to not be the last Solo rider and wants to enter a Pair next year. Alex and Wes’ thought of competing again, however Alan’s comment to the Adventure Show camera man as we left the site was “ask me again tomorrow”.

[Ed: Well done guys, and thanks for the report!]

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