Annual Gathering 2015 (AGM and Social) (Mar 2015)

Friday 27th March 2015

Dundee Mountain Club’s 5th AGM was held this year at Drouthy’s on Perth Road.

It was a great night featuring Bill’s slideshow of the year (available here) , DMC’s annual awards presented by Paul and a great selection of inspirational mountain sports videos.

The newly elected committee members for 2015-16 are:-

President: Allan McCulloch

Vice President: Berenice Hunter

Treasurer: Niall Wallace

Meet Secretary: Caya Sievers

General Secretary: Jon Bowyer

The following people also volunteered for appointed positions:-

Hillwalking Rep: Andrew Brooks

Climbing Rep: Simon Li

Skiing Rep: Jon Bowyer

MTB Rep: Alex Corlett

Marketing /Creative: William Chrystal

Social Secretary: Paul Higginson

New Member / Club Skills: Jim Donaldson

Congratulations everyone and really looking forward to to another exciting DMC year!

Report by Allan McCulloch

Photos from Niall Wallace