Crianlarich (Mar 2015)

20-22 March 2015

For my first trip with the DMC, all I can say is that I am very impressed. The weekend had exceptional weather which certainly helped, but it was the whole package that made it a great weekend for me. I really enjoyed meeting the members of the club and the hospitality shown to me by Paul and Mhairi in particular was great! On Saturday I set off with Niall, Berenice, Andrew, Mhairi, Simon, Bruce, Paul and Scooby. It was only when we passed our first stream that I understood Scooby’s special relationship with water and appreciated what a motivational climber he is! After a couple of kilometers Berenice, Andrew and Simon cut across a river to climb Cruach Ardrain. While climbing An Caisteal, Niall and I got our first taste of climbing with crampons and an ice axe and discovered them to be more trustworthy tools than we expected and with a bit of tutoring from Paul we were able to make use of them to complete the ascent. At the top of An Caisteal Niall, Mhairi and Scooby headed to Beinn a’Chroin to not over strain their previous injuries and Paul, Bruce and I took the longer route via Beinn Chabhair. I had wanted to push myself and I found my limit on several occasions during rest of the day. After taking a couple of minutes to regain my strength however, I found myself able to do more than I expected and what seemed impossible the previous moment was soon accomplished. This was helped a lot by the motivation and tutoring by Paul. One of the biggest revelations for me was finding out that somewhat scary snowy climbs can become fun slides on the way down! Paul, Bruce and I were well and truly exhausted by the time we reached our starting point just before sun down. The next day Mhairi, Paul, Scooby and I climbed Stuchd An Lochain at a more leisurely pace before heading back to Dundee. My muscles are still in recovery days later, but I feel much better for having taken part. This weekend may well have been exceptional, but I’ll be looking forward to many more great climbs with the group in the future. As we say in Holland, het was gezzelig!

  • Report by Chimed

A crackin’ meet. Arrived to a toasty fire in new surroundings. Saturday was virtually cloudless. I took Ilvija and Andrea up Beinn Chuirn enjoying a 360 degree panorama of snow tinged peaks. A 7-hour day allowed time for a sun-deck refresher before enjoying the last of rugby at the Rod n Reel. Hearty craic around the ample kitchen / dining area table before sojourning back to the fire for the usual evening banter.

Sunday started misty but with the promise of a better day in the east Tom, Andrea, Ilvija and I headed for Glen Lyon to do Beinn Oichreag. Missing bridge made for a change of plan so we did Meall Ghaordie via Creag an Tulabhain. Ilvija’s first Munro! 5 hours with swift descent courtesy of a mega glissade into the head of the corrie. Good to get 2 hill days for a change!

  • Report by Greg

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