Ballo Wood Run (Apr 2021)

Wed 28 Apr 2021

For our first 2021 run outside of Dundee boundary, Amy and Dom proposed a run in The Sidlaw – across Ballo wood to reach then Bask hill. Unfortunately, the capricious/scottish weather of this week may have discouraged some members (or is it the call from the reopened pubs maybe ?) – we were finally 3 brave runners still motivated to embrace our new freedom. Dom led us on the small tracks along Ballo wood and through a grassland area where we tried, unsuccessfully, not to disturb the local wildlife of ewes and lambs. We then hiked (no run anymore at this stage) to reach the edge of Bask hill. The 360° view from our 349 m of height was worth the effort (and calf pain). We finished the loop by finding our way back among the Christmas trees and gorse thickets. Hopefully the weather let us doing our run without showers, while the stretching session started to be wet…

  • Report by Gaëlle