Glen Doll (Feb 2014)

After all the miserable weather we’d been having it was a relief to have a day off that coincided with a good forecast, so Caya, Katie Titch, Scooby and myself decided to make the most of it and head up to Glen Doll fro some walking.

Crampons were required shortly after leaving the forestry to climb up to the ridge, which was a safer bet than the usual path, and on reaching the summit of Driesh we had to dig down through the snow to find the trig point. The sun was out and the views were awesome, so after a quick sandwich we carried on to Mayar, past some interesting horizontal icicles attached to the fence posts, and on to more stunning views.

The descent down Corrie Fee was fairly tricky, with Katie going first to make foot holds, it was slow going but we got there eventually. Overall it was a great day out.