Strathpuffer 24 (Jan 2014)

Following on from last years Quad foray at the legendary Strathpuffer 24 hour race, Niall entered the summer “Puffer Lite” 12 hour edition solo, with the plan being to do the ‘puffer itself in a Pair.

Unfortunately only another 39 people did likewise and the organizers decided the event wasn’t taking off and canceled it while offering either a refund or transfer of entry.

Being the Fifer that he is Niall took the option of the £10 discount on the 24 hour race and instantly realizing what he had let himself in for, signed up for the Relentless 24 hour race in October to see what he was letting himself in for.

Weather conditions for the race were uncertain all week but come race day it was cool and damp with some ice on the fire roads which thankfully disappeared within 2 laps although someone did have a high speed dismount on the first lap on an icy patch.

Niall completed 18 laps of the ~10Km course in 23 hours 50 minutes finishing in 29th place.

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Catch the event on the Adventure Show on BBC 2 sometime in March.