Hogmany meet (Jan 2018)

1st January 2018

“Do you know I can scarcely look over this little cliff without getting giddy ?”

The “little cliff,” upon whose edge he had so carelessly thrown
himself down to rest that the weightier portion of his body hung over
it, while he was only kept from falling by the tenure of his elbow on
its extreme and slippery edge — this “little cliff” arose, a sheer
unobstructed precipice of black shining rock, some fifteen or sixteen
hundred feet from the world of crags beneath us. Nothing would have
tempted me to within half a dozen yards of its brink. In truth so deeply
was I excited by the perilous position of my companion, that I fell at
full length upon the ground, clung to the shrubs around me, and dared
not even glance upward at the sky” – Edgar Allen Poe

The above
passage from “A descent Into The Maelstrom” was brought to mind during a
Ne’er’s day hike by myself and Simon to the Falls of Glomach.

reaching the top of the falls I didn’t dare look as Simon, much keener
on his feet than I, stood on the edge of the precipice taking

Impressive falls, would be good to see them from lower down.

Report by Niall

Editors note:  Various other activities occurred on the meet but I wasn’t there and no more reports were sent in.  More photos can be seen here