Lawside Exercise (Mar 2021)

Sat 20 Mar 2021

With lockdown restrictions slowly easing, DMC have been organising group exercise to ready us for the hills. We’re a bit restricted being limited to 15 people and having to stay within Dundee City limits but we’re getting out and about. The mid-week runs have proved successful but Gaëlle came up with a different idea for the weekend: an urban walk over the hills in the middle of Dundee with a mission to take photographs.

Six of us signed up and met on the Law on Saturday morning, Andrew and Berenice gamely cycling from Broughty Ferry and all the way to the top of the hill to find somewhere to lock their bikes. We sauntered around on the top of the hill admiring the snow on the distant, forbidden hills and finding some expertly painted murals around the base of the transmitter mast.

Then it was down through the Lochee Col to the eastern approaches of Balgay Hill. Off the tops and out of the breeze the weather was almost summery. After a bit more chat, more photo stops and a detour to the Sun on the planetary trail, we found ourselves up at the Mills Observatory. From here we carried on to the peaceful old cemetery atop the next hill to admire and puzzle over the monuments. After reaching the broken Celtic cross we felt we’d gone far enough and turned tail to walk through Balgay Park and re-climb the Law to say our farewells on the summit.
Great morning out and very happy to see everyone. Thanks Gaëlle for organising.

A selection of the photos we got can be found on Yogile.

  • Report by Dave