Lomonds evening Mountain Biking (Jul 2013)

Summer 2013

Lomonds Riding, various evenings thoughout the summer

While the weather was good and the evenings long, riding the Lomonds had been a regular weeknight event throughout late July and early August. We’ve largely stuck to the same route each time, starting out at the Pitcairn Centre in northern Glenrothes, before heading up to the East Lomond car park, across to West, round the front, down and round to Harperlees Reservoir and then back up to the very top of East Lomond, before plummeting back to the cars.

A great run, and I think everybody who has done has enjoyed it – in spite of plentiful sheep poo. I know I’m saying it a lot, but it’s really been an exceptional summer for biking, and the Lomonds have borne testament to this. They’re a mare in wet conditions, but this year puddles that we had thought eternal have dried out and disappeared completely. Long may it continue into the autumn!

  • Alex Corlett