North Ballo Hill MTB (Aug 2012)

Monday 6th August 2012

Suzy, Andrew, Mike, Niall and Alex went for an evening run around North Ballo Hill. Starting from Tullybaccart, the ride took in some of the home-made tracks that point straight down off the top of the hill, along with an added diversion up to the viewpoint at the top of the Lundie Craigs.

North Ballo’s short and sharp tracks range from the scary to the more sedate, but were a fun evening’s diversion, and the gentle tracks winding back up were a welcome relief after the adrenaline of plunging down. There were more than a few gentle tumbles, including Alex getting his shorts caught on his handlebars and promptly falling off, but thanks to soft ground and senses of humour, it was all good fun.

More photos here