Swap meet and BBQ (Jun 2016)

21 June 2016

With the sun shining and smoking BBQ lit, the scene was set for another DMC swap meet.

As the first burgers sizzled the laughing began and with light summer tunes [Ahem! -Ed] softly floated around the garden the haggling began.

Berenice wasn’t slow of the mark with an early purchase and enthusiastic and slightly contortionistic demonstration of a textured roller from Simon. Pete haggle for a map of some remote hills with Andy, while Mhairi plugged the charity jam and chutney, which all agreed was simply splendid! Jim and Pete swapped trousers and gaiters while most averted their eyes, ladies shame on you! Meanwhile Bill paraded in a ‘T birds’ style jacket with his name written all over it, only time will tell if he will part with green stuff! Berenice took some boots on trial while Pete haggled for telescopic sticks with pointy ends. Dom got some mint condition trainers for a mere tenner, and a bike lock, but no bike despite my efforts to the contrary!

Alas the deckchairs were unsold and Niall left empty handed, but well satisfied with a belly full of cakes! With beer exhausted and wine split the chat turned to Berenices ring, how big Jims belly is and how never the twain shall meet! Home beckoned for some while others dabbled with carbonised meat and leftover snacks, while Pete donned the marigolds and got stuck in, – good old Pete. The sun lasted late into the evening, and the while the bunting gently riffled in the evening breeze the end of another great swap meet beckoned.

Much fun was had with plenty of booty left for next time. Berenice will no doubt haggle to buy Andrews camping stove and with a 4 season sleeping bag, ski boots, down jacket, and lots of other goodies left, it’s only a matter of time till you have another chance to pick up a bargain… you lucky folk. I’ll sell that bike yet!

  • Paul

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