Kirriemuir climbing (Aug 2013)

Saturday 31 August 2013

Dave M






What a lovely Saturday afternoon out at Kirrie. The weather turned out better than expected and almost required suncream. Many routes were climbed, Simon and Ephraim getting up quite a few 6a+’s. Not to be outdone I thought I would have a go at the 6b+, Monkey See Monkey Do. Unfortunately this time, monkey didn’t. I got half way up and, lying across a ledge realised I wasn’t going to get any further. I tried to retreat gracefully, with Jen belaying and putting up with quite a lot of swearing, apologies; but I wound up sliding down the rough rock which proved too much for my cutprice Tesco cargo trousers. A loud ripping sound and I was left exposed from hip to knee for the rest of the afternoon, much to everyone’s amusement. Still, at least Mike and Suchi had brought the tea so a nice cuppa sorted me out.

  • Dave Matthews

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