Trans-Sidlaw Challenge (Nov 2014)

DMC Challenge 1: The Trans-Sidlaw

Start Point: The gate on the Craigowl road; NO 390 396 (Ok just over the cattle grid)

Finish Point: The Gate on the hills side into Balkello Car Park; NO 365 385

Compulsory Waypoints:

Summit Trig-Point of Craigowl Hill: NO 377 400

Summit View point on Balkello Hill: NO 363 395

Summit Fort on Auchterhouse Hill: NO 354 397

Route between points is down to the participant, the only order requirement is that you start at the Start and Finish at the Finish, although anyone choosing not to do Craigowl first is a bit odd… Entries closed on 2 November 2014.

The results are:


Dan 40min

Suzy 53min

Niall 64min

Simon 95min


Paul 52min

Andrew 59min

Berenice 59min

Mhairi 69min

Allan 2 weeks…

You may be wondering about Allan’s time, well…

He turned up in his Goat Costume, set off up Craigowl at a blistering pace, by the top he was so confident he waited for Paul at the trig point, then ran down to the farm to buy some eggs before stomping all over Paul’s time to the top of Balkello hill too before returning to the farm to churn some butter, meet some other goats and then set off for Auchterhouse hill, unfortunately he took a wrong turn on the way back down when I misdirected him with my various wrong turns and had to return by some ridiculous route… a truly stunning bit of running and navigation from a somewhat overdressed adventure athlete. His real time was something like 1hr 20m…


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